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MS41 tuning done remotely with the TRM flasher/logger

We do a lot of our custom tuning remotely, often working with teams or shops as well as individuals. For tuning, we can fly to the car or the car can be sent to us, but we only need the car in person if we are needing to make physical changes that the end user cannot or doesn’t want to. Typically this is things like adjusting cam timing. We use our datalogger/flasher to make this process possible. The TRM flasher/logger can stay plugged in to the car and gathers engine data. With a wideband plugged in as well, we can see everything going on with the motor, make mechanical adjustment suggestions (noting intake or exhaust restrictions, resonance issues, or cam timing issues) and also make updates to the calibration (tune) and email that for the flasher/logger to flash into the ECU. This process allows for a higher level of involvement without the expense of physically bringing the car and tuner together. The level of data gathering is also higher than is typically available even with a tuner, car, and dyno in the same room.