TRM MS41 Custom Software for E85 fuels



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The best custom performance software available for your E36 328, M3, or Z3 engine. Also available for M50TU or S50 motors that have been OBD2 converted, as well as M54B30 based bottom ends with any combination of cams. If you would like to convert an OBD1 motor to OBD2, please email us for more information.

We can use the  TRM Flashing Tool for remote tuning and monitoring.

Please be specific with modifications in the notes section. Also, please see our notes on cam timing to get the most out of your system.

This tune package is specifically for E85 fuels. We have done a lot of development on getting adaptations to work with the inconsistencies in pump E85. This package is available for NA and supercharged cars. For turbo cars, please send us an email to discuss options, and this will be based on our blow through package.

Also note that there are multiple versions of various injector flow rates. The injectors MUST be high impedance. If you aren’t sure what injectors you have, or aren’t sure of the compatibility, please contact us to confirm. Pictures of the injectors, especially if it includes a part number, will be helpful.

We can use injector flow rates not listed here, but please email us first to make sure we have a good starting point for the application.
Please be aware that there are fake 803 MAF’s on the market as well. Make sure you get these critical parts from reputable vendors.

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

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