TRM MS41 EWS Delete


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Has your EWS system failed and left you stranded? Bought another ECU as a spare and want it to work in your E36 328/M3? We can fix that.

If you would like a performance tune as well for your MS41 equipped E36, we can handle that as well with our MS41 performance tune which can also be EWS deleted. If you need a performance tune, EWS deleted, and emissions systems deleted, as would be needed in an E30 swap or in a race car application, we also offer a swap tune.

ECU can be shipped to us for programming, or flashed remotely with our remote interface. (For remote flashing, Windows PC with internet connection required.)

We also offer replacement ECU’s with performance software already loaded, either as a standard tune, a swap tune, or as a custom tune.



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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in



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