MS41 Turbo Tuning Package



Tuning package for your OBD2 M50 based motor. (M52/S52)

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MS41 turbo tuning package for your turbocharged M52 or S52 from the pioneers of the over the subframe E36 turbo hardware and innovators of the high power blow through systems. The most complete package with the most extensive road course testing on the planet.

Please add a detailed description of your set-up in the notes section before you check out. We prefer a call or email before we finalize the base tune. If your M52 or S52 is OBD1 converted and you need turbo tuning, we recommend our OBD1 turbo package.

This is the same tuning that comes with our OBD2 turbo kit. If you are not familiar with building complete forced induction solutions, or just want the best hardware on the market to round out your street/track/drift car, we highly recommend purchasing the complete kit. Local tunes will have the cost of dyno time added to the tune cost. Remote tuned cars should have access to a local dyno with the ability to plot AFRs for tweaking of the tune, and/or a wideband installed in the car with an analog (0-5v) output to interface with the TRM Flasher/logger.

Package includes injectors, MAF, MAF harness, and MAF flange. The MAF flange will need to be welded to the charge pipe before the throttle body. Flanges are available in stainless steel and aluminum. Injectors can be 60lb/hr, 80lb/hr, 120 lb/hr depending on your goals/needs. We also have larger injectors and MAFs available as needed. We will let you know if your setup may require something larger.

Since no two builds are truly identical, and this is truly custom tuning, please leave detailed notes during checkout on the motor (displacement, cams, compression ratio, head gasket, pistons, etc) as well as fuel type/octane, target power, and intended use of the vehicle.

The ECU will need to be shipped to us for the initial flash (it does not need to be the original ECU for the vehicle, as long as it is an MS41.1).  The updated ECU will be shipped back to you with a cable. The TRM software packages can be used for datalogging as well as updates. Software for flashing available for free via email.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in

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