Connecting a wideband to your TRM Datalogger

The TRM datalogger can accept a wideband input via the “headphone jack”. The mono headphone cable necessary to interface with a wideband is included with the TRM Logger. It should be wired such that the tip is signal and the ring is ground. The output from the wideband controller should be configured as 0-5v. Standard linear output is the […]

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Trouble Codes OBD1

Trouble codes on your OBD1 BMW

If your BMW was manufactured between the late 1980’s and 1995, you should be able to pull diagnostic codes out of the car via the check engine light. To read these codes, turn the key to position two (run), but do not start the engine. Within 3 seconds of turning the key to position 2, you will […]

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Boost Controllers

The primary control of boost in a turbocharged system will be the wastegate. The purpose of the wastegate is to bypass the turbochargers turbine, reducing its ability to make boost. (For more information on how the turbocharger works, see our article on turbochargers.) The wastegate will have a pre-set spring pressure. This can be adjusted […]

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Engine Calibration and your BMW

If you own a BMW manufactured after the 1970’s, there is some sort of computer controlling the fuel delivery to the engine. By the 1980’s all of the BMW cars in the US had some sort of fuel and spark control based on a piece of electronics. This computer would use various load inputs, such […]

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TRM Tuning OBD1 Chip on Circuit Board 01

Replacing the chip in your BMW

This document will need photos for each step. While this article will focus primarily on the Motronic 3.3.1 system in the E36, the general information will apply to many other similar systems. The engine computer is often referred to as the ECU or the DME. The ECU is located in a cubbyhole behind the right […]

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TRM Tuning OBD1 Chip 02

EWS on the E36 chassis

What is EWS? EWS is “Elektronische Wegfahr Sperre”. Don’t speak German? Then that probably wasn’t helpful. EWS is BMW’s electronic drive away protection system. The exact implementation of EWS on the E36 varied slightly through the years, but the general lack of long term reliability stayed the same. Key failures, antenna failures, and module failures […]

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TRM Tuning Performance Injectors 05

Ethanol and your fuel system

It is becoming common to blend Ethanol with Gasoline in many states. Most stop at 10%, but there have been cases where higher concentrations of Ethanol has been found in pump fuels. Ethanol by itself is not bad. E85 (75-90% Ethanol, the rest Gasoline), if you have a readily available supply, can be great low cost high octane […]

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