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Oxygen sensors and lambda control

“Closed loop” refers to to the function of the system, meaning fueling is driven off of feedback from the oxygen sensor. Weather it is mathematically driven or table driven as the initial calculation for the amount of fuel needed, once we are closed loop, we are completely reliant on the data provided by the oxygen […]

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Cam Timing on the M50 based motors

Dialing in cams can be tricky and take quite a bit of dyno time. Espeically on single vanos motors where we cannot play with cam timing independently in software like on the newer DVANOS cars. Cam movement/position must be adjusted manually, which means pulling the valve cover each time. Usually, on the dyno, when doing […]

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Connecting a wideband to your TRM Datalogger

The TRM datalogger can accept a wideband input via the “headphone jack”. The mono headphone cable necessary to interface with a wideband is included with the TRM Logger. It should be wired such that the tip is signal and the ring is ground. The output from the wideband controller should be configured as 0-5v. Standard linear output is the […]

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