TRM OBD2 Datalogger and Flasher


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Custom remote NA and FI tuning starts by sending us an ECU. We modify that ECU to work with our flasher and logger system. The TRM logger is an integral part of the TRM OBD2 remote tuning systems. It allows TRM to email files to you that can then be flashed into the car. The system also is a datalogger capable of capturing high speed BMW specific data.

The logger can also capture wideband data from any wideband with a 0-5v output via the “headphone” jack, and lays this on top of the ECU data being captured. This complete picture that the data is able to give allows us to monitor everything we need in order to properly calibrate your engine.



TRM Flasher Software   TRM Flasher Instructions   TRM Flasher Software Setup v0.1   TRM Logger Instructions

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